The White Nights - surprising time, when ":one sunset to replace other hastens, giving to night a half an hour: " (А.Pushkin). At this time city is filled by music as really sounding from squares and concert halls in days of the "White Nights" musical festival, and as by music in stone, as architecture are named. Both great and ancient Muses - music and architecture execute in this summer period a Hymn to the Great City.
          The architectural masterpieces of St. Petersburg, painted sunset or sunrise, find surprisingly new sounding.
Sunset is replaced by sunrise so softly imperceptibly, that not at once will define, in what rays have played by new paints divorced bridges above Neva, Admiralty needle, Sphinxes, stone lions, dogs, griffins and other whimsical protection of Neva coasts.

The even more diverse palette is acquired by buildings of the Spit of Vasilievsky Island in mixed light of the vermilion sky and torches shining on the Rostral columns. Unsteady light of a flame arouses at everything, that them surrounds, solemn blinking reflection. The paints execute fantastic dance on traditional light for created in classicism and baroque structures.

The exposition does not represent a complete picture of shape of the city during white nights, but gives a general idea about magnificence of St. Petersburg in this marvelous season.

The given section of the exposition includes 18 cardmaximums. Among them Mariinsky theatre of opera and ballet, Large Palace and the main fountain "Samson" of the Peterhof Large Cascade, Kunstcamera between wings of the raised open Palace bridge, Isaac's Cathedral in sunlit rays, the University and Palace embankments, Desembrist's square (former Senate), New Hermitage and its Atlantes and other masterpieces of the great architects who created in the Neva mouth the architectural masterpiece - SAINT-PETERSBURG.



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