Admiring St.-Petersburg as one of most beautiful cities of the world, it is necessary to pay attention to cast-iron patterns of lattices and fencings, handrail of bridges and embankments.

The most famous among them is the railing of the Summer garden. It was installed along the northern part of the garden in connection with creating of quay on a bank of the Neva in 1784. The lattice of the garden - one of the best creations of classic architecture, it harmonically has come to the landscape of this garden and embankment.
It is possible to admire by its refinement, beauty in all seasons. In the winter, when the columns and metal links are scarcely covered with hoarfrost.
In the summer, when the pink rays of sunset shine precisely standing down against a green background design and brilliant gilding. 

In the early spring, when on a sky-blue background each thin detail of links is appeared. It is also beautiful in autumn in gold attire of trees.
The important significance in decoration of squarefrom the West of the Kazan Cathedral had the semicircular fencing with tracery lattice. This famous fencing (length 153 м) began to be constructed in the summer of 1811. The lattice represents a graceful combination of a transparent background of rather thin vertical rods with large, diamond-shape, as though composed from lace inserts and ornamental frieze along the surface.

The operations on installation of the fencing were finished in November, 1812.

In St. Petersburg there is no place, where we come across most beautiful cast-iron patterns. Handrails of bridges through the Neva - Troitsky, Lieutenant Schmidt, Liteiny etc. Fencings of the uncountable rivers and channels (Moika, Fontanka, Kronwerk etc.) and little bridges through them (Bank, Kasan, Theatrical etc.).
The Gate of Winter (Hermitage) and Mikhailovsky (Russian museum) palaces is not less perfect, fencing of the temple "The Savior on blood", protection around monuments and squares.
All this with allowance for possibilities of maximafilia is represented in the exposition.



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