The city has received this rank for courage and heroism, displayed in the Second World War. Giving back the memory to heroes, the city constructed two memorials. First - the Memorial to the heroic defenders of Leningrad during the Second World War is established on Victory square. The square is perceived as the southern to the city. Just from this side, the fascists aspired to break in Leningrad.

The memorial was made by the whole city and was open in 1975 in the day of celebration of the 30-th anniversary of the victory in the war.

In the centre of the memorial a 48-meter granite obelisk is rising, surrounded by sculptured figures representing defenders of Leningrad standing on bronze pedestals. At the foot of the obelisk there is the sculptured group "The Undefeated".
The second memorial - the Piskariovskoye memorial cemetery, main burial-place of Leningrad people, who perished within blockade of Leningrad in 1941-44.
At the centre the allegorical bronze sculpture of the Motherland stands. At the entrance, there are two pavilions with real exhibits of the blockade period.
Cardmaximums are made of cards and their marks, appropriate to plots devoted to anniversaries, connected to the defeat of fascist troops under Leningrad, liberation of city from blockade.

In the exposition the modern plots are given in matching with war time, when the city dwellers tried to save urban monuments - the St. Isaac's Cathedral, the Rostral Coloumn, the Bronze Horseman, the monument to Lenin before the Finland Railway Station and others; the labour week-days of the blockade Leningrad are reflected; it is shown with photographic accuracy, into what the fascist barbarians turned famous unique monuments - property of world culture.
On this page it is shown a ardmaximum of destroyed by war the Large Palace and cascade of Peterhof, which magnificence after restoring can be seen on the stand 8 "St. Petersburg environs". In 2008 Peterhof is declared by one of seven miracles of Russia.
The exposition is finished by ardmaximums, devoted to anniversaries of celebration of the great national victory in the Second World War, to the day of raising the blockade and post-war labor five-years.



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