Maximafilia (maximafily) - is the international term that has arisen in the environment of collectors almost in all languages of the world. It takes the special place in collecting. It is an original bridge between philocardy and philately. This word combination designates a special field of philately, which collection unit is cardmaximum. Thousands of collectors named maximaphiles indulge in collecting of cardmaximums.
Cardmaximums unite in one whole three objects - the postage-stamp, art card and postmark connected by common theme. The postage-stamp is stuck on the illustrated side of an art card and it is stamped by postmark corresponding to their theme. On the illustration: the postage-stamp, card and post mark are devoted to Alexandrinsky theatre.

The popularity of maximafilia is defined by the possibility of author's improvisation. The creative and aesthetic features are peculiar to it. Dream of each maximaphil is creating of any unusual cardmaximum. Being guided by extremely personal priorities, the collector creates cardmaximums, selecting appropriate postage-stamp, card and postmark. It is a search process of original arrangement solutions and of philately transformations. During selection of harmonic combinations the collector is enriched with the knowledge and expands the outlook.
And the great thing, maximafilia develops aesthetic and art tastes. It is a way to the art world of small forms, to the world of beauty.



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