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       Appearance of this exposition is not accidentally. It is directly connected to my life, sensations and emotions of a girl, whose childhood and youth have passed on the Petrogradskaya Side of Saint-Petersburg (Leningrad).
The life is complex and diverse, in it all half-and-half - grief and pleasure, holidays and week-days, the light days are replaced with sad ones. I experienced lessons of life together with my favourite places. Going for a walk about the city, I enjoyed its magic and mysterious beauty. These walkings always lift my mood, calm, instil hope.

       The name of my exposition was caused by the paths, which developed at will. They began invariable (as well as the exposition) from the Petropavlovskaya fortress. I would like to conduct the visitors of the exhibition along streets, to show my favourite places: open space of squares, majestic monuments, gardens, palaces, the strict quiet Neva : The specificity of cardmaximum, requiring concurrence (absolute or fragmentary) plots of a card, mark and stamp, not always allowed to observe smooth transitions from one object to the other.

Nevertheless, it was possible to generate walking about the paths in a certain degree appropriate to reality.

I hope, the exhibition is pleasant to the site visitors.

Doctor of Economiks,







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