The exposition traditionally gives back to famous suburbs of St. Petersburg, which the people with admiration name "palace necklace" of the city. This exposition of the palace ensembles is the retrospective show, allowing to evaluate their beauty during the various periods of life of city with XVIII till XXI centuries. The priority here is doubtless given up to Peterhof. Peter I created it as smart seaside residence.
The centre of composition became the Large Palace with the cascade of fountains, jointed with the Finnish gulf. The main fountain is "Samson, opening a lion mouth".
Peterhof is an empire of fountains (142 fountains and 3 cascades). Except for the Large cascade here it is possible to see strict and majestic fountains with high jets "Adam" and "Eva", fountains - jokes "Oak", "Tulips" and "Bench", fountains with poured water streams "Roman" and " a Gold mountain " and a lot of others.
        The exposition includes 11 cardmaximums with the image of Peterhof plots.
         The second pearl in the palace necklace undoubtedly is Ekaterininsky Palace, which is a composite centre of palace-park ensemble of the Tsar village. These places are closely connected with life and creative work of A.Pushkin. Here he studied in Licey and the monument to the great poet is installed in the Licey garden.

The third pearl in the necklace is the Pavlovsky Palace-museum and park landscape. The park formed since 1777 and is one of significant world monuments of landscape architecture.
The outstanding architects participated in creation of all ensembles. They unite magnificent stone and landscape decor, ensuring harmony of structures with nature.
All this with allowance of maximafilia possibilities is represented in the exposition.

Besides the palace-park ensembles Pulkovo observatory, celebrating the 160-year's anniversary, is represented in the exposition.
A special attention in the exposition is paid to the Old Ladoga - the ancient capital of Northern Russ, recently marking 1250 years from the date of the basis, and fortresses surrounding St.-Petersburg. The Shlisselburg Fortress "Oreshek", which name as a junior brother of the city, is a city - key, opening path to St. Petersburg from the Ladoga Lake, and the Vyborg fortress, located in north leading the history for more than 700 years.




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