The Soviet period of the Russian history it was characteristic to issue the marks to anniversaries connected to revolutionary events.
St. Petersburg is closely connected to revolutionary events.
Cardmaximum with the image of Smolny - well-known monument to revolution begins the exposition, staff of the Great October. The monument to the leader of world proletariat Lenin is put before it. From The Smolny the Military Revolutionary Committee led by Lenin supervised over the revolt up in Petrograd (now St. Petersburg).

Further, the various places of St. Petersburg having the direct attitude to revolution are shown in the exposition. Political prisoners were discharged from the Peter and Paul and Shlisselburg fortresses (after revolution they are transformed into the Museum of St.-Petersburg history).

The Kshesinskaya mansion was occupied by the Bolshevik Central Committee (now - Museum of political history of Russia). Through the Arch of the General Staff Building the soldiers went to storm the Winter Palace and to seize the temporary government.

The cruiser "Aurora" by its gunshot has announced the beginning of revolt (now here is the branch of theCentral Naval Museum). This gunshot has made the cruiser "Aurora" by the symbol of the Great October Socialist revolution.

V.Lenin takes a significant place in the exposition, as his vital way is connected to
St. Petersburg in a large degree. Here he arrived from Finland to supervise over revolt and at the square of the Finland station, the workers enthusiastically met him. In St. Petersburg he worked in the library of Academy of sciences and Public library. In Razliv under St. Petersburg he hidin a tent from prosecutions of the tsar regime.

In St. Petersburg he studied in the library of the Academy of sciences and Public library. In the Taurida Palace Lenin addressed the meeting with the April theses. In the Mariinsky Palace Lenin took part in work of the Russian Soviet of National Economy. Since 1937 to 1991, the Branch of the Central Lenin Museum was housed in the Marble Palace.




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