By its perfection, the architecture of St. Petersburg gives sensation of something inaccessible. St. Petersburg in winter is fantastically beautiful in open-work lace of trees and bushes covered with snow.
In twilight, covered by weak light of a leaving day, appear silhouettes of familiar outlines of favourite creations of the great architects.
All breaths by eternity and waiting perfect, which is necessary will come.
In winter all temples (especially Temple of Christ's Resurrection) appear through branches of the trees, deprived foliage, more distinct. Air is shrill ringing from standing hoarfrost in it.

Stone palaces, decorated by bas-reliefs and sculptural groups (Engineering castle, Admiralty, National library, Аlexandrinsky theatre); granite embankments with quays, benches and protecting city whimsical mythic essences - Sphinxes, stone lions, dogs, griffins;

Grand columns (Alexandrovskaya, Rostral, of Isaac's and Nikolas' Navy Cathedrals, Exchange and other buildings); Fences with stone support;
Portals of stone buildings
(Smolny, Russian museum, Main Staff Building);
Bronze sculptures (the Bronze Horseman, the monumentto Catherine II,) and others.
The hoarfrost emphasises roundness of columns at the railing of the Summer garden, camber of muscles of giants Atlantis at the Hermitage.

The snow lying on metal lace of lattices, makes there whimsical patterns even more in relief. The frozen rivers allow making sleigh-roads and to arrange the winter races.

At this section there are cardmaximums with the winter image of the St.-Petersburg sights included in various sections of the exposition. On the cardmaximums the Arch of the General Staff Building, the descent to the Neva at the Rostral Columns (in the distance there is Kunstcamera) and the Mikhailovsky castle.



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